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Astonomical Clock

After your Astrology-Tarot Consultation (Different from Life coaching Discovery call), you may be given advice pertaining to use of a mix of Modern Western and Ancient Vedic Modalities. Depending on your unique Planetary positions and Energies, a customized Toolkit will be offered to you for changing patterns of failure or just getting the best of your Planets and Destiny.

Our Tools Include

Past Life Regression

When Burdens from previous births or Karmic Accounting is seen through Vedic Birth Charts as imbalanced, “reliving” the moments from previous lives under Hypnosis helps in understanding and letting go of Past life burdens. Healing and White light Energy healing at subconscious levels is included in these sessions.

A 2hours+ session assisting in habit improvement (Study, procrastination, Smoking) Money management, Weight Management, Time management, Stress, Anxiety and more


Weight, size, Type and way of wearing and Praan Pratishtha (putting a life in the stone) is individually customized as per Vedic birth Chart

Remedial Procedures

Facilitated by Trained Vedic/ Tantrik Pandits and supervised by Dr Nidhi Bhan. Each procedure is unique and customized as per Birth Chart

Mantra Chanting


Life Coaching

Energy Healing
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