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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a Modern and currently Trending technique that is used to Steer a person to Success by helping them overcome challenges relating to Personal Life, Work Life, Business, Career, Relationship, Money Making and Financial Success.  It is being used since 1990’s and it is gaining in the Mental healthcare race, over Therapy and Counselling due to Co-creativity concept and its growing success rate.

Life Coaching is an Industry regulated Modality. ICF- International Coaching Federation Certifies and provides credibility to eligible Coaches who have completed the required courses, hours and Mentorship hours through Accredited Institutions. We provide both- Pure Coaching  and Hybrid Coaching (using Hypnosis, Meditation, Past life Regression, Mantra/Mudra Therapy along with Socrates Method of Questioning) Dr Nidhi Bhan leads the team of Experts- each one specializing in their own Niches and areas of work.

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Energy Healing


A Customized package will come out of this bag after the Consultation to enable you to make the best of your Potential, overcome the hurdles, Change habits at subconscious level or to change energies of your Home and Aura.



With Video Lessons/Notes dropped every Weekday and Live Online Teaching on Weekend 1 hour.

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