Dr Nidhi Bhan, Neo Vedic Astrologer

Best Indian Astrologer in Canada

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My Journey

Jyotish Dr Nidhi Bhan is a well- known name all over the world for her talents in Vedic Astrology and Tarot Reading.  Her Success in working with her clients on Remedial aspects to effectively and  positively change Life patterns is what makes her unique. Her ability to read each life like a book through the Birth chart and Tarot is a God gift which she has enhanced with her Researches and studies. 
According to Jyotish Dr Nidhi Bhan, each Birth chart is unique and has a story to tell. A Birth chart is a map of our lives, also describing the path we are likely to take as per our natural and subconscious thinking pattern. A simple business decision is a struggle for some but family related issues are a cakewalk. For, others relationship struggles are a many  but career is a breeze. Accident prone or  Debt-Ridden, it is all in that Destiny Chart- But Not Written in Stone!!!
Jyotish Dr Nidhi Bhan firmly believes in changing lives through changing Vibrations. The Astrology Tarot Readings identifies the Talents/Limitations/Blockages to Success and next step is to work on a unique customized plan for each life. Sometimes life lessons are tough and there are some Rigid Kundalis that refuse Progress, where she will teach how to live with acceptance.
Jyotish Dr Nidh Bhan is as comfortable with using Modern Healing Techniques like Past life Regression (helping you remember your previous lives under Hypnosis) and Reiki as she is with Ancient Mantra Therapy and Dosha Nivaran Vidhi. The latter is done traditionally but with a modern understanding (very important for the new generation!!) of the procedures- vibrations magnified or  subdued according to individual birth charts & planets. Some of the Rigid birth charts are taken care of under  her supervision during her annual visit to the Ganges in India.



Straight From The Source

We are so thankful to our friend for introducing us to Nidhi when we were desperate. She has been a God send for us! She is so knowledgeable.

Alka Verma

Excellent experience - Dr Nidhi is very accurate and is an expert. She brought positivity into my life. A vibrant soothing Aura.

Daljeet Mudhar

Dr Nidhi is very good astrologer and very nice person .I have great experience dealing with her.All my problems were listened by her careful