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Started on April 17 at 9° Capricorn, Saturn Retrograde 2018 ended on September 6 at 2° Capricorn. Saturn eventually stations ‘Direct’ on September 6, 2018 at 02°32′ Capricorn. This direct phase directs that you put into practice whatever you have learned hitherto. Cheering news is that the there are only positive aspects to Saturn stationary direct and the fixed star involved in this case is more positive and promising than before.

It is something, which is not as significant as Mercury or Mars going direct but, there are certain strings attached worth bringing attention to this change. Saturn is one of those planets which retrograde for a very long period basically a couple of months as clear in this case. Therefore, it’s not such a problem for Saturn to retrograde, however we still note that there is always some change associated to the motion whenever a particular planet goes direct. When the planet is retrograde, it is believed that energy is turned more towards inside, on an inside, towards you or your thoughts, or to be precise, on intrinsic and visceral level.

It’s indeed very nice time to focus and concentrate on doing something which you like doing by heart. Saturn directly emphasizes Karma and retrograde motion is the apt period when the karma is sorted out. In the wake one can say that Saturn retrograde denotes double dose of karma. Like Saturn, Karma is very closely bound to time including past, present, and future. If you’d performed perfunctorily in the past, then at a certain point of time it is destined that an event will happen aiming to teach you a life changing lesson. And, if you have great past on the performance meter, then at a specific time, an event will follow only to honour you for your good deeds with some unexpected award. Did you know? Saturn retrograde in your natal chart meant that there was a problem with self-discipline or you might be skirting responsibility in your former life.

It is be noted that the Planet is direct and now, the energy is more focused on the outside world, so when the Saturn is retrograde it’s great time to discipline more yourself, to put some structure about how you feel or how you plan things, basically working more on an inner level. Since, Saturn is going direct it’s high time to focus more on the outside world, which testifies to great energy supporting and pushing you to build up something beautiful around you. Saturn serves the best purpose, if you want something to be long lasting or permanent. More often than not, people tend to blame the planet for bringing all the challenges, hiccups, problems and headwinds they otherwise don’t want to hear about, but that’s a sheer myth which needs to be busted.

The gospel truth is that Saturn can help you to get the stability in life you’ve been searching for long in a bid to create and build up something meaningful in life. Not stopping here, with Saturn going direct, it’s time to focus more on outside to create something stable, to focus more on career points, and it is conspicuous, that for everyone, it can affect different areas of concern depending upon the house transited by the Saturn in their respective natal chart. Also do remember to pay some extra attention to the planets or cusp of a house around the 30 degree in Capricorn that’s the exact position where Saturn is stationary and changing the directions in relation to that.

In case, the Saturn makes a major aspect with any of your planet at this exact moment, the influence is going to be much stronger. Remember that stationary planets which are about to change their direction are much more powerful and also their aspects last longer because basically at certain point the planet is not moving and then it takes time before it goes back to its normal speed so if Saturn is making aspect with any of your planet or cusps of houses, it means that you’ll feel the influence in a more powerful way. The other aspect that we have today is square and a half between Sun and Mars. This is a minor but challenging aspect, which can bring a stronger desire to compete with others. Sometimes, it can also bring about confrontations, some people get more nervous and angry even get more aggressive in some cases. Control all of these primary emotions which aren’t so healthy and try to focus them in a constructive direction doing something that will bring benefits for you. It includes, doing some exercises or playing sports which can really help you to conserve this energy if you feel frustrated, angry or any other negative emotion is arising inside of you. Also the transit moon today is in Leo, a very positive position which can bring you more excitement, more desire for entertainment or to do something remarkable in your life or to be more passionate about doing something beneficial for yourself or loved one around you.

Hope you have a lovely time ahead with Saturn going direct.

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