Lunar Eclipse and Planet Movement in July

2018:Lunar Eclipse and Planet Movement in July

Know exactly what your astrology forecast is for this month

July 13

New Moon/Partial Solar eclipse is happening today in Gemini. Happening twice in a year, this eclipse is one of the two partial solar eclipses which holds high significance. It’s high time you took a cautious note of what impact your traits are going to have on your overall life. Do your communication skills and information you possess are going to be conducive for your overall growth or prove detrimental to life? How do you speak and how do you express yourself plus your listening capabilities are big issues this month.

Reined in by the divine mother energy, the partial eclipse today is in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu. This is going to bring a positive sense of hope and inspiration in life.

July 27

Total lunar eclipse or full moon is happening today in Capricorn. Your Nakshatra lays emphasis on teacher-student relationship. Listen to the valuable advices given by your teacher and try to put those learning into practice. Be Careful, as full moons are tend to make way for fanaticism and excessive emotionality. Worldly relationship may backfire so it is advisable to stay focused on the love of the teachers and move ahead down the path of spirituality and self realization.

‘Listen’, this word is extremely significant as Nakshatra today is Shravana whose literary meaning is ‘hearing’. Time is apt to give ears to your favourite track and even share it with your best peers and kindred buddies. Make efforts to connect to the stillness and silence prevailing within and channel that discovered tranquillity into attaining ultimate peace and contentment, which are the real source of making union with eternal bliss in life.

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