Sun and Saturn Conjunction in Sagittarius

Sun and Saturn Conjunction

Sun, the life-force luminary has now moved to Sagittarius, joining Saturn, a very serious and slow moving celestial body. This position reminds us to work hard towards our commitments and goals, learn to have patience and keep going despite the obstacles. But at the same time, Sun and Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius also brings a sense of heaviness, a sense of boundaries around your decisions as if things are suddenly not working out the way you want.

Saturn in Sagittarius with Sun helps you recognize what’s real, acknowledge what’s not working out for you, so you can shift your focus towards things that have a long term purpose. It`s a time to reassess your choices, change your priorities. However, accept the fact that the path to this realization is going to be one full of challenges, especially in the coming one month when Sun, your soul & personality is under the strong influence of Saturn.

Whenever Saturn and Sun are together, Sun loses its energy in spite of being the father. This is because Sun and Saturn are enemy planets, Param Shatrus as per Hindu lore. Let`s not forget Saturn`s association with oil, and that it`s transiting a fiery sign which is like adding fuel to the fire. Cosmic energy is too hot this month and it is likely to leave some burns if we are not careful. Overall, you may observe that the transition to 2018 may not be a smooth one due to this conjunction for many of us.

The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was between 1987 to 1990 when we felt its impact on macro-level like European Union moving to single currency and launch of the World Wide Web.

Destiny is yet again wheeling us to a similar pattern with Saturn in Sagittarius again. We can expect Cryptocurrency to see a sharp boom. Geographical dynamics would change dramatically, especially of Europe. Powers of the political giants like US would shrink.

The changes would be felt on individual level too. The conjunction could bring many gradual positive changes for people who have Saturn as their Yogakaraka in their birth chart, but a lot depends upon the houses that transit Sun and Saturn are moving through.

On the other hand, those who have Sun in 7th house or in Libra need to watch out & be extra careful in relationship matters. Neither make nor break relationships during the next 1 month. This is the time to bring some stability in your love & married life, respect limitations and have patience. It`s not an auspicious time to start new relationships either.

If you have Saturn in Aries or in 7th house with aspect over Ascendant, it`s best to do the right thing legally, socially and morally. Drive very carefully and especially watch out for drinking and driving.

Those who are running their Saturn SadeSati should not enter into new partnerships in business and money matters. Existing partnerships require a careful approach too. Stay one step ahead of your partner and in total control of business operations.

Natives with Saturn in 8th house or Saturn & Sun conjunction in 8th house or Saturn in Aries in 8th house or conjunction of Saturn-Rahu or Saturn-Ketu in their birth chart need to keep their guards on. You could be anxiety and depression-prone during this one month. Self destructive tendencies could develop or aggravate so watch out.

Sun being the majestic planet related to government in modern astrology may also cause issues with authorities. It’s especially relevant to people waiting for court cases, immigration paperwork or working in government offices.

You may not feel in high spirits as Saturn is affecting your mindset right now, especially until 22nd when Mercury is also retrograde but this phase shall pass soon. This is the time to work with patience, value your integrity and do the right thing. Cut corners or take shortcuts and you may invite Saturn`s wrath.

The effects mentioned above are based on the transit planets. If you would like a personalized Transits Reading, you can book an Astrology & Tarot Consultation with Dr. Nidhi Bhan over the phone or in person.

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