Effects of Kala Sarpa Dosha in December with retrograde Mercury transiting Scorpio

A potent Kala Sarpa Dosha takes effect from today, Dec 7th to Dec 22nd as all planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu which means that you need to be on guard as some major challenges are expected ahead.

This highly active Kala Sarpa Dosha is likely to affect decision-making ability of many. You may feel double-minded and get carried away by emotions, especially you have Kala Sarpa Dosha in your birth chart or a malefic Rahu/Ketu (especially in Kendra). This may also affect people who have Guru Chandal Yoga (Jupiter & Rahu together) or Moon & Ketu together anywhere in their birth chart.

On 10th Dec, Mercury is also moving into Scorpio, an intense and secretive sign, not a favorable placement as Mercury is an enemy of Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio.

This is the time for parents to keep a keen eye on youngsters. The year may not end on a positive note for many of us. In fact, positive feelings may often come out as negative when expressed because Mercury is retrograde until 22nd Dec. Things under the surface could affect relationships during this period. Communication failures and misunderstandings may persist. You should also watch out from enemies disguised as friends.

The results of Mercury transit combined with Kala Sarpa Dosha would be felt differently by different people based on the planetary alignment in their individual birth chart.

To find out whether and how these powerful cosmic movements could affect you, positively or negatively, and what you can do to reduce or amplify the effects, book an Astrology & Tarot Consultation.

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