Remedies are performed to pacify the negative energy so you can navigate through the difficult times. The remedial process in all kinds of divination systems involves use of yantra, mantra or tantra.

Vedic and other forms of Astrology study the impact of planets and as remedy, they use the power of the corresponding gemstones to strengthen benefic planets. On the other hand, Tarot & Wicca systems use herbs, oils & candles as elements of rituals performed to cleanse the energy around you and boost positive vibrations. These herbs, oils & candles are bundled into special remedial kits, to help you in different areas of life, the most popular being Cleansing kits, Relationship Binding kits, Job Kits, and House selling/buying kits. Fengshui cures also include items to help you create an environment that attracts wealth, health and prosperity.

Tarot & Wiccan Kits

Anyone can use these remedial kits to change life trends.

House Cleansing Kit

Relationships Binding Kit


Career Success Kit

House Selling/Buying Kit


Use Fengshui cures to build a better atmosphere.


Gemstones are considered one of the most powerful form of remedies in Vedic astrology. However, a word of caution, these beautiful stones can be destructive if worn wrong. That is why, Dr Nidhi Bhan will do a free gemstone recommendation for you based on your birth details, so when you order the gemstone, you can rest assured that it’s right for you.