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How is Vedic Astrology also a Life Coaching System?

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

The Hindu System is a way of Life, more than it is a religion. The subtleness with which each Hindu was taught how to live life to the point it was driven into their Subconscious- in a very effortless manner is beautiful. The nurturing of the soul rather than the body from birth, learning the concept of Karma and taking Karmic accounting for all actions was built in- now we are slowly losing its simplicity. Its coming back as a Strategy and a way of life to be learnt with Mindfulness. So be it!

A Birth Chart clearly defines through calculations of Planetary paths-the good and bad years for specific areas and aspects of life by studying planet placements and the Benefic or malefic effects based on their Significance as per the Ascendant. There are defined Karakas that declare the purpose of a Life and how it will be acheived- will it be through Marriage, Career, Money, Trust issues? Will these lessons be learnt through Success or Failure? Through Fear or Over confidence? Poverty or Abundance? Physical body or Mental health is a challenge?

Since all this is predictable to an Astrologer, (just as rain and hail is to a Meteriologist)- is there protection or chance to prevent destined events? Well, about as much as stopping rain and a Hailstorm! But Protecting oneself by holding an umbrella or taking shelter is possible just as changing life paths, making more informed decisions, watching your back in difficult planetery phases and taking advantage of good planets by taking more risks and working hard is possible. A Vedic Astrologer was the traditional Mentor and the Guide for those troubled and lost in afflicted times. The GPS if you will! He brought peace of Mind through chanting of Mantras, lulling the Subconscious mind into Peace while asking the Universe to change Vibrations does still work as it worked years ago, if only we intend to Manisfest. Reiki works just as well when it comes to changing Vibrations positively as does Hypnotherapy. We have these amazing Tools in Modern day Life coaching that to me seem a legacy from our Traditional Vedic System- we apply them with more Mindfulness now in our Life coaching.

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