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Vedic Astrology Remedial Procedures

Vedic astrology is an ancient form of astrology that has been practiced in India for centuries. It is based on the Hindu Vedic texts and is used to predict and analyze people’s lives, their fate and their future. It is based on the transits and movement of planets and is a system of predicting events based on the position of the planets and other celestial bodies at the time of an individual’s birth. Significant planets at the time of birth and their general malefic or benefic nature along with their location(House of Marriage, Career or Studies for example) helps the Astrologer figure out which areas of the Seeker’s life will go through Strife or Success and when.

In Vedic astrology, one of the primary tools used to improve a person’s life is the practice of remedial measures. Remedial measures are certain actions taken to counter the negative effects of planetary influences in a person’s chart. These measures can be as simple as wearing certain gemstones or reciting mantras, or as complex as performing elaborate rituals. The purpose of Vedic Remedial measures is to mitigate the negative effects of a planet’s position and to bring about positive change in a person’s life. The purpose of putting on the Gemstones is to enhance the energies of the well placed significant planets, usually weak in degree or otherwise losing their strength.

The practice of remedial measures in Vedic astrology is based on the concept that the planets have both positive and negative influences on a person’s life. The position of the planets in a person’s chart can indicate potential successes and failures, and the practice of remedial measures can help to counter these. To me, it seems like active Manifesting, through Chanting age old Mantras in Sanskrit which can raise the Seeker’s vibrations. The Fire Ceremony or the “Hawan” whereby herbs are offered to the Fire Energies and positive fumes of the same are inhaled as the Mantras resonate alongside is a lift of Mental, Emotional and Physical Vibrations and an opening up of the Aura to the Positivity. As per Vedas, the Planetary influences are thus managed to some extent.

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