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Destiny or Free Will- What is lIfe?

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Did you ever wonder why are we who we are? What makes us who we are? Why do we look the way we do and act as we do? Where does our Fear, our Attitude, Behaviour and Confidence or lack of it come from? Where do our interests in Nature, Photography, Acting, Politics, Healing, Social Work or Art come from? As a 5 year old I was given to understand we are a product of God's will, intention and creativity. I used to wonder how did He have time to make us all so customized- match my nose to parents and lips to grandma, make me so clumsy and intolerant and make my sister so calm? And so many people, so many unique minds, bodies, Emotions. The latter so internalised-unless we choose to show or they just spurt out! Some aspects of ourselves are never visible perhaps....So much Mystery and yet so much pride in our beings. Did we make ourselves or are we Products of a Power much more Creative than us. Don't we Trust His Process enough to take the Sun for granted every morn and we wait for the Seasons to change as the World turns. So are our Lives also a Rhythm to be followed or do we control it?

My personal opinion on this through my three decades of experience as a Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Reikist and Hypnotherapist is-its both. We do have this Core personality and the abilities and potential that may be called the "Infrastructure" we are offered through Destiny. Previous Births and Karmic Accounting play a heavy part in this Rationing as all our lessons to be learnt are unique to each soul taking birth. What one can take for granted might be the exact Struggle for another. That is our Destiny platform. Nevertheless, what we make of it and how we use it to shape our earth life is in our control. Planets do play a great big and heavy role in our lives but it may be aligned to our Karmic Accounts. Working on Subconscious Mind through Mantras, Reiki and Hypnotherapy along with some MIndful changes can create a Reformation as per our Will!

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