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Power of the Subconscious

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

That our Spirits are eternal and our Minds and our Souls travel together in different lifetimes is now pretty well understood. Past life Regression Therapy has become very popular over the last two decades and evidence-based Therapy is gaining grounds slowly but surely.

The vast Universe and its enormity is magical to anyone who is ready to accept the Magic of the Universe. Mother Earth's rhythmical beauty of Revolution and the Rotation on its axis, gives me a sense of great comfort- it is as dependable as a Mother's pure love. How can we doubt the existence of a higher energy when we are barely replicating life and just managing to understand some aspects of life, existence and nature? Forces like Gravity-Friction and Energies like Kinetic-Potential definitely were created by a Super Force I strongly believe.

Being a Past Life Regressor and having facilitated hundreds of sessions makes it perhaps easier for me to feel the presence of a soul within me and others. The journey of the souls-as we ask the hypnotised patient to access "the point of entry" of disease or "Dis-ease" in their Mind, Body or Emotions is indeed extra ordinary and unique for every individual. That the journey is real has to be felt and cannot be fully described. The connection felt by patients in my chair is evident in their tears, glow of happiness and the spoken/unspoken trauma that is sometimes only evident in their Random Eye Movement or REM. This REM is also seen in Sleep- as we dive into dreams and primitive memories once our Subconscious Mind takes over in Sleep. Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Sleep are similar as in the Dominance of Subconscious Mind over Conscious Mind.

Only 10-12% of our Mind is our Conscious Mind while 88-90% is our Subconscious Mind- The Back seat Driver. In Meditation and Hypnosis, we are able to consciously drive our Subscious mind to more awareness and to changing its ways somewhat, change attitudes, habits, fears and behaviours or thought process. That is how we change lives- through Mindfulness-driven through the Spirit or the Subconscious.

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