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Dr Nidhi Bhan’s most popular Consultation since last 25 years has been the Combined Astrology and Tarot Reading. From the platform of Destiny and Planets (Birth Chart), your Freewill decisions and Energies affecting your Current life situations (Tarot) are Readable.

There are many services that range from basic charts, to in-depth reading & business consultations. See below a range of rates for each category. Please note these are ranges, and if you have a specific topic, please feel free to connect directly to get a more accurate quote.

Personal Consultation


All Our Combined Birth Chart and Tarot Consultations Range between $150- $300. We shall send you a quote (depending on the complexity or simplicity) after Casting your Chart.

Available In person, Video Call or Phone Call. Comes with an Email Report of highlights and Remedy Advice- In Notes and Audio

Family Consultation


All Family Readings Range from $500-$1000 (up to 4 people- extra chart $100) Quote is sent after Casting the chart to understand the level of complexity or simplicity

Business Consultation


All Business Consultations include Birth Chart (upto 2) and include Birth Charts, Energy Work, and Vastu.

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