Dr Nidhi Bhan       

Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Reikist & Past life Regressor & Fengshui/Vastu Expert


Dr Nidhi Bhan's most popular Reading since last 18 years has been the Combination

ASTROLOGY-TAROT Reading. Dr Nidhi would  take your Date, Time and Place of Birth to make your Birth Chart and tell you the Good  Yogas and Bad Doshas of Planets and their Rectifications. Tarot Reading is more about your Free Will decisions, good or bad Energies, situations, people etc surrounding and affecting you. Tarot Reading is comparable to putting a  Magnifying glass on your Present life and times.

*Vastu/Fengshui Visit by Dr Nidhi Bhan to your Home or Business

*Vastu/Fengshui Reading over Phone, Skype, Facetime with Map

*Past Life Regression- Dr Nidhi Bhan is a Certified Advanced Master Past Life Regressor who can take on journey through your previous Births under Hypnosis so you understand your lessons to be learnt and Heal them.

*Reiki  Workshops by Dr Nidhi Bhan for those who wish to Heal themselves and others- Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Situationally.

New Jersey Visit

Dr Nidhi Bhan  will be in New Jersey Apr 4th & 5th, Easter Long weekend

Call 1888 266 5152

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